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African Cichlids

Everything You Need To Know In One Course!

Keeping African Cichlids is an Online Video Course designed to keep it simple, clear and to the point! Ensuring no matter what level hobbyist you are, you will be successful at keeping and enjoying your very own African Cichlid tank.

African Cichlids are known for NOT being beginner level fish. That’s both true and not true, IMO. Have you tried to start a tank before only to have them at each others throats, and you couldn’t figure out why? Or maybe you’ve been intimidated by that label, “Not for Beginners” so you haven’t even tried yet.

I know the feeling. When I first decided to keep these beautiful fish years ago I dove in and learned on the fly, also known as “the hard way”. But learning from my mistakes is what got me to understand and appreciate African Cichlids. 

Now I’d like to take you past that painful learning curve and teach you everything you need to know, in one course!

First Lesson On Me

View Lesson 1 Free – Background & Where They Come From

Water Polishing Filter with Seachem Tidal

Water Polishing Filter for Aquarium – w/ Seachem Tidal HOB

One of the best ways to improve your waters clarity is by adding a water polishing filter for aquarium. These supplemental filters have many benefits and are easily maintained. Using the Seachem Tidal hang on back filter as your Polishing Filter is a major bonus! An aquarium water polishing filter

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Beginner Aquarium Mistakes

Top 10 Beginner Aquarium Mistakes – (We’ve All Done Them)

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there! We were all new guys once and we all made plenty of beginner aquarium mistakes, myself included! But why start from scratch and repeat the same mistakes we’ve all already made? Let’s get proactive!     Top 10 Beginner Aquarium Mistakes 1 – Adding

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Bacteria in a Bottle

When To Add Bacteria To Aquarium – (Top 4 Times)

When to add bacteria to aquarium, there’s really only 4 distinct situations when you should add bacteria directly into your system. There’s also a very specific scenario when you shouldn’t be wasting your money. In this article we’ll cover them all. When To Add Bacteria To Aquarium During a brand

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When to water change an aquarium

When To Water Change An Aquarium? (No, It Doesn’t Depend)

When to water change an aquarium? The answer is simple really. And don’t worry, I wont say “it depends” like every other article you’ve searched for today. We like to get straight to the point here! The simple, non complicated answer for when to water change an aquarium is when

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What causes micro bubbles aquarium

What Causes Micro Bubbles In Aquarium – (3 Easy Fixes)

Nobody likes Micro Bubbles! Because they can make your tank look dirty or cloudy when it really isn’t. But what causes micro bubbles in aquarium? Most of the time it’s your filter causing these bubbles. So I’m going to share with you 3 very easy ways of how to stop

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When to add dechlorinator during water change

When To Add Dechlorinator During Water Change? (Safely)

We already know the importance of adding dechlorinator to our tanks, but when to add dechlorinator during water change is also an important question. It is absolutely safe to add your dechlorinator like, Prime, Safe, or Stress Coat directly into your tank just before adding in your new tap water.

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internal parasites in fish treatment

Internal Parasites In Fish Treatment – A Last Resort

So you’ve tried it all. You’ve tried the General Cure, you’ve tried the Prozypro, you even tried my method of feeding Metroplex, but none have been effective for Internal Parasites in Fish Treatment. Your fish still has white stringy poop, still has sunken belly, still not eating, still has internal

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African Cichlid Algae Eaters

African Cichlid Algae Eaters – Best For Your Tank

Having the right kind of African Cichlid algae eaters could be the difference between life and death. And I mean that for both fish and algae. Most of us African Cichlid keepers know that the choices of tank mates for our guys are pretty slim. Usually African Cichlids are kept with

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Pot Scrubbers for bio media

Pot Scrubbers For Bio Media

A couple months ago I removed all the expensive bio media from both of my FX6’s filtering my 210G Overstocked African Cichlid Tank and replaced them with nothing but Pot Scrubbers for bio media. That’s insane right, what was I thinking…if you want to find out what happened to my

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Mixing African and American Cichlids

Mixing African and American Cichlids – (Can it be done?)

There’s some standards in this hobby, some “by the book rules”, some technical no no’s…but sometimes you’ll find that those rules, like Mixing African and American Cichlids, can be broken. Not every time, and not every rule. But sometimes, just sometimes…you can do whatever you want. So I’ve gotten a

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African Cichlids

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