Unlock the Secrets to Crystal Clear Aquarium Water

Does any of this sound familiar?

There’s nothing more frustrating than finally finishing setting up your tank and filling it with water, for the water to turn out cloudy and the tank to look ugly. These tanks are meant to be colourful and beautiful, flourishing with life.

This book will teach you:

✅ Avoid the common mistakes: There is a very good chance that YOU are causing your cloudy waters! 

✅ Achieve and Maintain: It’s one thing getting rid of cloudy waters, but can you guarantee it won’t come back?

✅ Cheap, easy & quick: Stop wasting your money on overpriced, useless products! I will tell you exactly what you need and when to use it.

Is this book right for you?

Before purchasing ask yourself this

1. Are you proud?

You should be proud of your aquarium, they are often the centrepiece to a house and should be on show to everyone that visits your home.

2. Are your fish healthy?

Your fish should be active and glowing with vibrant colours. Murky waters can negatively affect mood and fish health.

3. How much money have you wasted?

When I started in this hobby, I wasted hundreds of dollars on cheap useless products. I've made these mistakes so that you don't have to!


You could order fast food that is consumed within a matter of minutes, or you could buy this book and gain knowledge that will last a lifetime.

Want to know what’s inside?

some of the modules in the book

1. The foundation matters

When it comes to transforming your aquarium and creating crystal clear water - the foundation is the key. In this module, you will learn every fundamental requirement to effortlessly achieve that crystal water we all want!

2. Your contribution to cloudiness

Your tank looks the way it does because of things you're doing... and not doing. We talk about this in module 2 where most people discover that they have been the problem the entire time!

3. another level of clarity

Module 3 will patch that hole up in your wallet. No more expensive, cheap useless products. Here I give you specific products I have tried and tested and that have my stamp of approval.

Don’t take my word for it!

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If those honest reviews weren't enough, I'm offering a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

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