fish egg tumbler

Senzeal Aquarium Cichlids Fish Egg Incubator

Senzeal Aquarium Cichlids Fish Egg Incubator Tumbler Fish Hatchery Mouth-Brooding 50mm Made of non-toxic plastic material, hatching for raising fish eggs Suction tube clamp soft, easy to install, not easy to scratch the incubator director Mesh uniform and dense to ensure smooth flow of water and improve hatchability Biochemical cotton can avoid the impurities in the fish tank into the incubation chamber Hatching fish eggs, you need to use the same fish tank water, so that fish eggs adapt to the environment

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Senzeal Aquarium Cichlids Fish Egg Incubator


1.The main hatching tube using acrylic transparent material, good light transmission, easy to observe the hatching process of fish eggs.

2.Sucker make it close to the tank wall is not easy to fall off.

3.Gas chamber gas evenly, to make the tube have sufficient oxygen.

4.The bottom of the main hatch tube contains sieve and biochemical cotton, effectively prevent impurities from flowing into the tube, so that the water flow through the comfort, thereby increasing the hatching rate.

5.The product is equipped with oxygen regulating valve, if the oxygen pump without regulation function, you can use the oxygen regulating valve to regulate the gas inside the tube.

6.When used, the oxygen pump is connected with the fish egg incubator, and a check valve is required to prevent the water from flowing into the oxygen pump.