please don't kill these beautiful fish!

Keeping African Cichlids


Unfortunately for me, when I first got my hands on these guys, there was little to no information out there and I ended up struggling to keep my cichlids alive. As a result, there were many casualties along the way.

This course will teach you:

✅ Prevent your cichlids from dying: While it’s true that these fish are aggressive, learning their specific needs will drastically reduce aggression levels and prevent casualties.

✅ Behaviour & Aggression: You’ll learn how to handle aggressive fish and create order in your tank. Quickly establish a hierarchy so these fish can thrive and emit their beautiful colors.

✅ Cheap, easy & quick: These fish can be expensive, and so can the products to maintain their ideal conditions. I will show you exactly what you need. Invest in this course and never waste a penny on African Cichlids again!

Is this course right for you?

Before enrolling ask yourself this

1. How do they look?

African Cichlids should emit the most beautiful, vibrant colors. However, in order for them to do this, water parameters & tank conditions must be perfect. Are your Cichlids looking the best they can?

2. Would you like to return home to a tank full of dead fish?

If this hasn't happened to you already, then it's coming... That is if you don't educate yourself first. There are some verified core principles and methods you MUST implement when keeping African Cichlids.

3. How much money have you wasted?

I personally have lost over $1000 on buying new fish, bad products and unnecessary equipment. Like I said above, this information wasn't available to me back when I started. Which is why I have created this course for you.


Invest $94 in this course and save yourself hundreds if not thousands of dollars. I've been keeping African Cichlids for over 10 years... I've made the mistakes so that you don't have to!

Want to know what’s inside?

some of the modules in the course

1.Introduction to african cichlids

It is vital to have a basic understanding of where these fish originate from, why they're aggressive and what fish you can and can't mix these guys with. In this chapter we'll explore the fundamentals and give you an introduction to these beautiful fish.

2. Equipment matters

African Cichlids require very specific water parameters and tank conditions. In this chapter, I'll tell you exactly what equipment you'll need to create this environment. As well as some tricks and methods to reduce aggression levels.

3. Care & Health

In Chapter 4 of my book, I'll tell you all about their dietary requirements, water changes & vacuuming as well as how to treat diseased fish, and how to successfully quarantine them to prevent spread. This chapter is probably one of the most important and overlooked aspects to keeping African Cichlids. This information is very hard to find online and in videos.

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