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Keeping African Cichlids

WARNING: Before you wake up one day with a tank full of dead fish, taking all your hard work, time, and money down the drain, use…

Keeping African Cichlids

My “Verified Principles” to jump past the learning curve when keeping African Cichlids

After losing over 30+ African Cichlids over the years and wasting $1000+ on bad products, I’ve discovered the perfect environment, nutrition, and husbandry methods for African Cichlids to bring out their true brimming colors to the max in the shortest period possible!

We have all been there…

Aren’t you sick and tired of the misleading online articles that keep wasting your time and money? Leaving you stuck in an endless cycle of problems that stress both you and your fish.

I’ve had the same experience before, from minor (yet frustrating) problems like cloudy water to major problems that led to the death of my beloved fish.

Problems like fluctuating and incorrect water parameters are frustrating and tricky to solve if you lack the proper knowledge.

Once you know exactly what’s causing those problems to occur (which I’m going to teach you), you’ll solve them like a piece of cake once and for all!

This hobby is expensive, and diving right into it without enough knowledge is going to empty your wallet before you notice.

Not only that but watching your fish die as a result of lacking knowledge is heartbreaking to the point that it makes you feel like quitting the hobby.

I learned it the hard way, so you don’t have to!

After many trials and errors, I knew what was causing such problems to appear, and I’m going to explain to you how to avoid/fix every single problem that might cause stress (or even death) to your African Cichlids.

Problems that you need to be concerned about:
  • Lack of oxygen.
  • High/Low temperatures.
  • Diseases and Parasites.
  • Overstress.
  • Abusive aggression from other fish.
  • Improper/Unstable pH water levels.
  • Ammonia spikes in your tank.

Those are common problems that (if not taken care of immediately) could lead to the death of your fish. 
Trust me, you don’t want to learn how to fix those problems the hard way like me.  And you don’t have to, instead…

You can learn the smart way:

By simply learning from other people’s experiences, you’ll:

  • Speed up your learning process (meaning you get to experience the joy of watching your fish thrive sooner).
  • Save a lot of money that you could’ve wasted on dead fish, bad products, and unnecessary equipment.
  • Be spared from the stress and frustration that might make you quit the hobby and leave your passion.

Here’s how you do it:

  • First, become aware of all possible problems you might encounter in this hobby.
  • Second, learn all possible causes of each of those problems. Yes, some problems like cloudy water can be caused by different things (therefore, online articles might not give you the right answer for your situation and end up confusing you more.)
  • Third, avoid doing what causes those problems to happen. It takes less time and effort to prevent problems than deal with them. Not to mention that preventing problems saves you quite some cash.
  • Finally, learn how to take care of your fish and run your tank the right, healthy, and problem-free way.
Keeping African Cichlids
Keeping African Cichlids
Now only $97

You can learn how to do all the above steps in a matter of hours. You can become confident in running a successful African Cichlid tank in a single sitting!

By following my verified principles you’ll skip years of trials and errors, enabling you to experience the luxury of having beautiful fish floating inside a crystal-clear tank in no time.

Plus, you’ll save hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars and spare the lives of your precious fish.

My principles won’t only make your fish survive, it’ll make them THRIVE!

Be prepared to hear compliments every time your friends and family visit and see your beautiful fish and aquarium.

My “Verified Principles”

Keeping African Cichlids is a short and to-the-point course that contains everything you need to know about African cichlids.

This includes the process of creating the perfect healthy environment for your African Cichlids, little-known methods to curb their aggression, and the optimal nutrition to help them thrive.

I’ve constructed this course in a straightforward way that anyone could understand, even people with no background information about this hobby.

After taking this course, you’ll…

  • Take a huge step toward becoming an expert in a matter of hours with straight-to-the-point content that anyone can understand.
  • Skip 4 years of trial and error and make your friends jealous by setting up a fabulous African cichlid tank within 1-2 weeks of taking this course.
  • Get your hands on my secret recipe that buffed my fish (especially Camo, my tank boss) with deep, vibrant colors and unshakeable immune systems.
Keeping African Cichlids online course

Instant, Lifetime Access!

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About The KaveMan

Hello there, I’m Kevin, and I fell in love with this hobby in 1987 when I was 7 years old, keeping a goldfish in a bowl, and now I’ve been keeping African Cichlids for the last 8 years.

In 2015, I dived into this hobby without any knowledge or background, resulting in making tons of mistakes and having to deal with endless frustrations and problems, from cloudy water to dead fish.

During my journey, I’ve read a bunch of misleading online forums about adjusting water parameters and how to deal with African cichlids’ temperaments which have cost me around 1000$ dollars and the lives of over 20+ beautiful African Cichlids.

I managed to learn and find solutions to the problems I’ve faced after a long series of trial and error, and now I have more than 70+ thriving African cichlids brimming with colors.

Now my goal is to share what I’ve discovered and end your frustrations so you can watch your fish thrive in no time without wasting your time or money!

Here’s the deal: Try it for free first…

Before diving head first into a course, you should be sure you’re committed to these fish right?

Well, that’s why I created a Free Webinar Training with the TOP 3 SECRETS to Keeping African Cichlids. Check that out first and get a feel for my method of teaching and what you can expect to learn in the course.

As a bonus, you’ll get a FREE eBook version of this course so that you can refer to the information at your convenience.

On top of that, you’ll get a 20% discount code at the end of the FREE webinar and have both the course and the eBook at its lowest price, $78 Bucks!

Keeping African Cichlids Course

What’s inside the Full Course:

Module 1 – Intro to African Cichlids

Become an African cichlid expert overnight and learn how to deal with their temperaments and curb their aggression using unorthodox methods known by expert African cichlid keepers.

Module 2 – Equipment Matters

Discover the right equipment and number of fish you can keep for your desired tank size.

Module 3 – Maintaining Optimal Water Parameters

Discover the perfect environment characteristics for your African cichlids that’ll make them happy like never before and show their true brimming colors!

Module 4 – Care & Health

Bring the health of your fish to the max so they can grow with crazy colors and sizes! Nothing’s better than a healthy and happy fish!

Module 5 – Experience Gems

Next-level tips and tricks that’ll make you fully prepared for unexpected events that you might face in the future.


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This course will make you SUPER confident in a single sitting!

I’ve designed this course to be short, easy, and beneficial so you can gain expertise in a matter of hours. In fact, you can
become confident in keeping African Cichlids in a single sitting!

Ok Kev…I’m in!

Here’s what Mike said after watching this course.
Afton almost finished the entire course in a single sitting, and now he’s ready to keep African Cichlids in his tank!
Abdullah went from knowing nothing about this hobby to being a confident fish keeper in a single sitting!

That means that you can end your current frustrations and avoid future problems today!
Imagine sleeping without having to worry about your fish and waking up to see your magnificent fish growing and thriving every single day!

You don’t need previous experience to take this course:

I’ve designed this course to help both beginners and advanced fish keepers. This course will make you confident even if you know nothing about this hobby!

Tim was new to Cichlids and still benefited from this course.
Leonardo took the course before even starting his tank!
Again here’s Abdullah, who knew nothing about the hobby, and now he knows more about African Cichlids than most beginners!

This means that Abdullah has skipped 4 years of experience in a single sitting! And you can do the same!

People have been in this hobby for 4 years, and they’re still struggling with beginner problems.

Imagine taking this course, and after 2 weeks of setting up your tank, you get to flex on your friends who have been keeping fish for decades!

Not a beginner? This course will also help you!

Even if you’ve been in this hobby for a decade, this course will still significantly impact the quality and beauty of both your fish and tank.

C.M. has been keeping African Cichlids his whole life and still learned a lot from this course.


Ruth has also been in this hobby for a while, and after taking this course, he started to grow African Cichlids confidently.


Detton has been in this hobby for 15 years, which is more than a decade! Yet still gained expertise after taking this course!


A lot of fish keepers have quit the hobby but thankfully returned to it after taking this course. This means that taking this course will save you from horrible experiences that might make you quit the hobby. Imagine practicing the hobby that you like without frustrations or difficulties; just by taking one short and easy course.

“Why don’t I just watch your YouTube videos and learn for free”?

You can do that, but this course is more heavily focused on keeping African cichlids than any other YouTube video on my channel.

Plus, this course teaches you how to avoid falling into problems that you might not be aware of.

I mean, how can you search on YouTube for something you don’t know that it exists?

Buying this course won’t only guide you and save you time but also save you from costly tragedies.

Don’t take my word. Here’s what others have said:

What if I didn’t learn anything new from this course?

My goal is to equip you with the proper knowledge you need to enjoy the true beauty of the colors of these fish without having a hard time.

To remove any risks, if this course didn’t teach you anything new or beneficial about African cichlids, send me an email (within 30 days of your purchase date) with the subject “This isn’t for me,” and you’ll receive 100% of your money back, no questions asked.

WARNING: Do NOT postpone your purchasing decision!

I’m constantly adding new topics and valuable information about African cichlids as the science is constantly updating. Each time I add new content to the course, I increase its price. So if you buy the course now, you get to enjoy endless FREE content that might save you years of experience and loads of money!

So, which route are you going to take?

It’s gonna cost you…

Before you exit this site, I want you to consider these two options and choose whatever you think is best for you and your fish.

You can exit the website and do what I did in the past and learn the hard way, looking up conflicting advice on the internet, running through a series of trials and errors, and risking losing money, time, effort, and beloved fish.

Or you can take my shortcut and learn the smart and easy way.

Spend 78$ and 2.5 hours of your time on a short course that’ll save you from endless frustrations and allow you to see your fish thriving in no time.

Make your choice. See you on the other side!

Keeping African Cichlids

Get Your Course Today!

“I don’t want my fish to survive, I want them to THRIVE!

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