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Kevin Matos – CEO of KaveMan Aquatics, Inc.

Welcome to the aquarium hobby! (Some of us consider it a Lifestyle!) Here beginners and veterans can reach their full potential as a fish keeper, making sure your beloved pets are “Not just surviving, but Thriving!”

Kevin Matos is a multifaceted professional with a diverse background ranging from military service to entrepreneurship, all woven together by a passion for aquariums and digital content creation. As the Chief Executive Officer of KaveMan Aquatics, Inc., he brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table.

Having served in the Marine Corps, Kevin is no stranger to discipline and dedication, qualities that have served him well throughout his career. After his military service, he transitioned into the world of entrepreneurship, where he thrived as a published author, digital content creator, and social media influencer, leveraging his experiences as an avid aquarium keeper to connect with audiences worldwide.

Kevin founded this company dedicated to educating and entertaining aquarium enthusiasts through various social media platforms, notably YouTube. His leadership and vision have positioned KaveMan Aquatics as a trusted source of information and inspiration within the aquarium community.

Recognized for his contributions to the aquarium community, Kevin proudly serves as an ambassador of Seachem Laboratories, Inc., a leading company in the aquarium industry, further solidifying his commitment to advancing the hobby he loves.

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CMO of Aquabuildr, LLC.

Additionally, Kevin serves as the CMO of Aquabuildr, LLC an AI-driven app revolutionizing the aquarium industry through Aquabuildr’s respective platforms.