Animals + Employees = A Happier Workforce

Animals + Employees = A Happier Workforce

If you have a dog, cat, or other pet, you already know the benefits they bring to you at home. What you might not realize is that our furry, feathered, and fish friends can make our workplaces cozy and comfortable as well. More importantly, allowing your employees to bring their pets to work is one of many benefits that can save them money and reduce stress since they don’t have to worry about running back and forth to let Spot handle their business at lunchtime.

Today, KaveMan Aquatics shares insight on why pets belong in a professional environment.

Having animals around can make your customers feel more comfortable.

While there are some people who are afraid of dogs and cats, most will melt in the presence of puppy dog eyes greeting them at the door. Having animals in the workplace further makes you look more progressive and compassionate.

Allowing your employees to bring their pets can be part of your benefits package.

Doggie daycare can cost $50 per day or more, and even dog walking can reduce your employees’ paychecks by $30 per day or more. When combined with other benefits, like paid personal and vacation days, health insurance, and stock options, the addition of a pet-friendly workplace may draw in the very best employees, and this staff will know that you care about them and what’s important to their well-being.

Having pets in the workplace is not a huge added expense if you do your research before buying products to have on hand.

While you will spend extra money on cleaning and, potentially, insurance, having pets around doesn’t have to be a drain on your bottom line. One smart way to save money here is to invest in products, such as pet beds and food bowls, that have been reviewed by veterinarians and other animal experts. Start by looking for those with the best customer reviews, but dive deeper before you spend the money.

If you have employees with allergies, you can easily set up a beautiful aquarium for everyone to enjoy.

Some people have severe allergies to pet hair, dander, and saliva. This can make it an unpleasant working environment if pets are allowed. That does not mean that your employees can’t enjoy the benefits of having animals on site. Consider setting up a fresh or saltwater aquarium with a wide variety of fish, such as the German blue ram, betta, or neon tetra. You can download Crystal Clear Aquarium Water by Kevin Matos (Your very own KaveMan!) for best practices on keeping your aquarium clean, clear, and captivating. An added benefit of having an aquarium, especially in your lobby, is that it can serve as a distraction when your customers must wait on appointments or service.

Pet Policies to Implement

If you’ve decided to open up your doors to creatures of all kinds, there are a few policies you may wish to implement to keep everyone safe and happy. These include:

  • Animals must be scheduled. If you only have one or two employees, this may not be important. However, when you have multiple individuals that wish to bring animals, it’s best that they are not all on-site at the same time.
  • Everyone has to be clean and well-groomed. Just as your employees must dress the part for work, their pets should also be presentable. Consider bringing in a mobile dog groomer once each month so that your employees have a convenient option to keep their animals in top shape.
  • Everyone must be on their best behavior. Don’t allow animals that bite, scratch, or bark throughout the day into the office.

There are many reasons to allow pets in the workplace. Your employees will be happier, your customers will be more comfortable, and you have an extra benefit to attract and retain top talent. It does take work, so make sure that you invest some time into buying the right products to have on hand and create rules that keep everyone safe, healthy, and happy.

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