Mixing African and American Cichlids – (Can it be done?)

Mixing African and American Cichlids

There’s some standards in this hobby, some “by the book rules”, some technical no no’s…but sometimes you’ll find that those rules, like Mixing African and American Cichlids, can be broken. Not every time, and not every rule. But sometimes, just sometimes…you can do whatever you want. So I’ve gotten a lot of questions and even […]

Aquarium Water Changes Necessary? – Yes, Here’s why

Water Changes Necessary

Are aquarium water changes necessary? Absolutely! If you’re still unsure about how important water changes are I’m going to assume you’re pretty new to the hobby, and if so, you’ve come to the right place. Water changes are the number 1 most important part of maintaining your aquarium. I’m sure you’ve already read a bunch […]

HOB Filter – The Need To Know

HOB FIlter

Most beginners in the hobby start out with a Hang On Back Filter or HOB Filter for short. In this article you’ll learn more information about how they work, how to improve their functionality, and how to keep them clean and running efficiently.   HOB Filters HOB filters are great because of their convenience. They […]

Aquarium Fish Food – All Brands are Missing Essential Nutrients (Add These)

Aquarium Fish Food

There are many great choices of aquarium fish food in the industry. But most fish food will be missing essential vitamins and minerals. These important nutrients are lost in the production of commercial foods. Its just part of the process of making Flakes and Pellets. When this happens we must supplement the nutrients needed for […]

Aquarium Hobby – Top 3 Must Know

Aquarium Hobby

I remember a time when I was in the exact same spot you’re in right now. Researching my very first fish tank…Very exciting times! Well let me help welcome you to the aquarium hobby by giving you possibly the best value a beginner in the aquarium hobby needs. I’m going to give you the top […]

Sponge Filter – All You Need To Know (Multiple Benefits)

Sponge Filter

The Sponge Filter is a great tool in the aquarium hobby, so good that next time you walk into your local fish store pay attention to how many of their tanks use sponge filters…and there’s a reason for that. A sponge filter is a pretty simple piece of equipment. It’s a filter made out of […]

Aquarium Wave Maker Position- (Better Than Bubbles)

Aquarium Wave Maker

So you’re interested in learning more about Aquarium Wave Makers…But why should you use a wave maker? What are the benefits? Are they better than bubblers? How long should they stay on for? Where would be the best place to put them in YOUR tank?…Don’t worry you came to the right place. I’ve got answers […]

Fish Tank Ammonia – How to fix it right now (SIMPLE)

Fish Tank Ammonia

Fish Tank Ammonia is the number 1 killer of fish, especially in a new tank. If you have an ammonia spike I can help you resolve the problem right now! And hopefully save your fish in the process…In this article I’m going to give you the quick and easy fix! So there are plenty of […]

How Often Do You Clean Your FX6?

How often should you clean your FX6

The awesome Fluval FX6 canister filter is excellent for fish enthusiasts and people interested in the fish keeping hobby. The unique combination of trays allows for a variety of media enhancing its functionality and giving you crystal clear looking water. However, cleaning your FX6 setup is also crucial in keeping the canister safe for your […]

African Cichlids – Top 10 Must Know

African Cichlids

African Cichlids are very unique fresh water fish. So this article isn’t going to be some generic list of random aquarium knowledge that most of us aquarist already know…like add de-chlorinator to your tap water, or don’t over feed, or make sure your tank is cycled. African Cichlids are not beginner level fish, if you’re […]