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How often should you clean your FX6

How Often Do You Clean Your FX6?

The awesome Fluval FX6 canister filter is excellent for fish enthusiasts and people interested in the fish keeping hobby. The unique combination of trays allows for a variety of media enhancing its functionality and giving you crystal clear looking water. However, cleaning your FX6 setup is also crucial in keeping

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African Cichlids

African Cichlids – Top 10 Must Know

African Cichlids are very unique fresh water fish. So this article isn’t going to be some generic list of random aquarium knowledge that most of us aquarist already know…like add de-chlorinator to your tap water, or don’t over feed, or make sure your tank is cycled. African Cichlids are not

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Venting African Cichlids

Venting African Cichlids

Venting African Cichlids is the only way to accurately determine your fishes sex. How do you know if your fish is male or female? Because the guy at the pet store told you? Or the breeder you ordered from made sure he sent you what you asked for…. Well they

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African Cichlids

How to raise PH for African Cichlids

A common question when deciding to keep African Cichlids is how to raise PH for African Cichlids? African Cichlids are fish found in the African Great Lakes. Waters in these African lakes have a pH between 8.0 and 9.0. If you own an aquarium with African Cichlids, you can raise

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How does Fluval FX6 work

How does Fluval FX6 Work

The Fluval FX6 is a powerhouse of aquarium filtration. The internal pump has the ability to cycle through a staggering volume of water. This filter was designed by Fluval for use with larger aquariums as well as overstocked medium sized tanks as well. But how does Fluval FX6 work? The

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How to clean fluval 407 filter

How to Clean Fluval 407 Filter

The Fluval 407 is a seriously powerful filter. Knowing how to clean fluval 407 filter is just as important as keeping your tank clean. The 407  has the ability to clean even the most grungy and murky water, and provided it is set up properly and full of good media,

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How to diagnose and treat internal parasites in fish

How To Diagnose And Treat Internal Parasites In Fish

Internal Parasites in fish are nasty business. They can be distressing to the fish in your home aquarium, and they can be stressful to you too! How to diagnose and treat internal parasites in fish is an important skill in the aquarium hobby. No one wants to see their fish

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Can African Cichlids live with Oscars?

Can African Cichlids live with Oscars?

The first thing that comes to mind when asked, can African Cichlids live with Oscars, is aggression. To save you a lot of guess work, no, they can not. The needs of African Cichlids and Oscars are far too different to make them compatible in an aquarium. Aggression is a

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Why do african cichlids change colors

Why do African Cichlids change colors?

African Cichlids are one of the most beautiful and colorful fish in the freshwater aquarium hobby. But Why do African Cichlids change colors? Getting these fish to reach their full potential can sometimes be frustrating. To answer a complicated question in a single word, dominance. Male African Cichlids adjust the

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Does Fluval FX6 come with media

Does Fluval FX6 come with media?

The Fluval FX6 has proven itself to be the power house canister filter in the industry for many consecutive years. If you’re lucky enough to own one, congratulations! But does Fluval FX6 come with media? Media is included with the Fluval FX6. The FX6 comes with sponges (mechanical media), Fluval

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Where to put ceramic rings in filter

Where to put Ceramic Rings in Filter

Where to put ceramic rings in filter is very important to get the most out of your bio-media. Ceramic rings are biological media that provides a very large surface area for beneficial bacteria to grow and live. This bacteria on your ceramic rings is required to complete the Nitrogen Cycle

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Penn-Plax Silent Air B11 (SAB11) Aquarium Air Pump

Battery Backup Aquarium Air Pump – Penn Plax SAB11

The Penn-Plax Silent Air B11 (SAB11) Battery Backup Aquarium Air Pump operates during power outages. It automatically turns on when the power goes out, keeping fish safe and alive! If power goes out the first thing that can kill your fish will be a lack of oxygen.     Included

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Filter Media

What does Filter Media mean? (Easy Guide)

Choosing the right Filter Media is important in the aquarium hobby, but what does filter media mean? Understanding why and how it works should be the main focus. This very easy to follow guide will help in choosing the right media that fits your set up best.     Why

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African Cichlid Tank

Getting Crystal Clear Aquarium Water – (Top 3 Tips)

One of the most asked questions in the aquarium hobby is about Getting Crystal Clear Aquarium Water. I have asked this question many times myself. So with experience and experimenting I’ve found the top 3 ways to improve your waters clarity and quality!   Bacterial Bloom Many new comers into

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Pot Scrubbers for bio media

Pot Scrubbers For Bio Media

A couple months ago I removed all the expensive bio media from both of my FX6’s filtering my 210G Overstocked African Cichlid Tank and replaced them with nothing but Pot Scrubbers for bio media. That’s

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HOB FIlter

HOB Filter – The Need To Know

Most beginners in the hobby start out with a Hang On Back Filter or HOB Filter for short. In this article you’ll learn more information about how they work, how to improve their functionality, and

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African Cichlids

African Cichlids - Top 10 Must Know

Why Do African Cichlids Change Colors?

Can African Cichlids Live With Oscars?

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