Water Polishing Filter for Aquarium – w/ Seachem Tidal HOB

Water Polishing Filter with Seachem Tidal

One of the best ways to improve your waters clarity is by adding a water polishing filter for aquarium. These supplemental filters have many benefits and are easily maintained. Using the Seachem Tidal hang on back filter as your Polishing Filter is a major bonus! An aquarium water polishing filter is an additional, supplemental filter […]

HOB Filter – The Need To Know

HOB FIlter

Most beginners in the hobby start out with a Hang On Back Filter or HOB Filter for short. In this article you’ll learn more information about how they work, how to improve their functionality, and how to keep them clean and running efficiently.   HOB Filters HOB filters are great because of their convenience. They […]

Sponge Filter – All You Need To Know (Multiple Benefits)

Sponge Filter

The Sponge Filter is a great tool in the aquarium hobby, so good that next time you walk into your local fish store pay attention to how many of their tanks use sponge filters…and there’s a reason for that. A sponge filter is a pretty simple piece of equipment. It’s a filter made out of […]

How Often Do You Clean Your FX6?

How often should you clean your FX6

The awesome Fluval FX6 canister filter is excellent for fish enthusiasts and people interested in the fish keeping hobby. The unique combination of trays allows for a variety of media enhancing its functionality and giving you crystal clear looking water. However, cleaning your FX6 setup is also crucial in keeping the canister safe for your […]

How does Fluval FX6 Work

How does Fluval FX6 work

The Fluval FX6 is a powerhouse of aquarium filtration. The internal pump has the ability to cycle through a staggering volume of water. This filter was designed by Fluval for use with larger aquariums as well as overstocked medium sized tanks as well. But how does Fluval FX6 work? The canister utilizes 3 internal media […]

Battery Backup Aquarium Air Pump – Penn Plax SAB11

Penn-Plax Silent Air B11 (SAB11) Aquarium Air Pump

The Penn-Plax Silent Air B11 (SAB11) Battery Backup Aquarium Air Pump operates during power outages. It automatically turns on when the power goes out, keeping fish safe and alive! If power goes out the first thing that can kill your fish will be a lack of oxygen.     Included with each SAB11 – The […]