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Fluval FX6 Media set up – (Simple)

The Fluval FX6 has proven to be the dominate canister filter in the industry. But in order to get all the benefits this filter provides fluval FX6 media set up must be properly organized within. Lets dive into the proper media set up (and why) for maximum efficiency!

The outer perimeter of each tray in your Fluval FX6 should be full of course, thick sponges. The top tray should consist of a fine pad on the bottom, followed by a medium sponge above it. The middle tray will contain all of your Bio-media. The bottom tray will contain your chemical media.

Why is media placed in this order?

For proper fluval FX6 Media Set up we first need to understand the path of water. Water enters your canister and gets pushed to the bottom immediately. It travels UP the sides of the canister and then overflows into the center trays. Hitting your top tray first, then middle, then bottom tray.

The order of filtration is always the same in any filter. Mechanical, biological, and finally chemical.

Understanding the path of water in your FX6 we place the sponges on the outside to be mechanically filtered first. Then as it overflows into the top tray it is mechanically filtered again with a medium and then fine sponge. This will help in removing all detritus from your water and give you that crystal clear appearance.

As the water travels down into your middle tray this is where biological filtration starts. Only the cleanest water should reach your bio-media as to not clog up the surface area with detritus slowing down the growth of beneficial bacteria.

Finally your water enters the bottom tray where it is chemically filtered to remove any toxins or medications that may be in the water.

Should you use the media that comes with the Fluval FX6?

The media that comes with the FX6 works just as good as any other. Unfortunately Fluval does not supply enough of it and you may need to supplement with more for your specific needs. Check this article on Seachem Matrix, a great bio-media on its own. Fluval Ceramic rings

Can you alter the media in the FX6 trays?

Yes, depending on what you would like to achieve for your tank you can add more sponges to each tray or add more bio-media to each tray. You can also choose not to use any chemical filtration as it is not necessary and use your bottom tray for more bio-media. As long as the order of filtration remains the same you can add more or less of each type for your specific needs.

How often should you clean your FX6?

The FX6 is capable of operating at its peak for quit some time. In general a cleaning should be performed every 1-3 months. However your bio-load will determine when the filter will need a cleaning. In my experience I have experimented and determined the best cleaning schedule for my tank and I can help you find yours.

First cleaning should be in 1 month. While executing take note of the cleanliness, or lack there of, of the filters internals. Are the sponges totally full of gunk? Is your fine polishing pad deteriorating? Is your bio-media covered in detritus? If so this is a good indication that your 1 month mark is a good time to do a cleaning, maybe even a little sooner.

Or does it look like only some parts are full of gunk while others remain untouched? If so this is an indication that your filter could go a while longer before a cleaning. Next time push to the 2 month mark and run the experiment again.

Keep in mind that as your bio-load changes (new fish, growing fish, feeding schedule) your cleaning schedule may need to be adjusted as well.

Pot Scrubbers For Bio Media

I’ve recently switched all the bio media in my FX6 to nothing but Pot Scrubbers! Yes you read that right.

They are a very cheap but very efficient choice of bio media. They work just as well as all the other expensive bio-media on the market while costing less and being just as effective.

I ran a full experiment on my 210 gallon Overstocked African Cichlids tank using only pot scrubbers in both of the FX6’s installed on the tank. Read more here – Pot Scrubbers For Bio Media or watch the video below.

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