Aquarium Therapy: The Top 6 Health Benefits of an Aquarium - Boy and father admiring a vibrant blue aquarium filled with beautiful fish

Aquarium Therapy: The Top 6 Health Benefits of an Aquarium

For years, dogs, cats, and a variety of other social animals have been employed in this form of treatment, with encouraging and favorable outcomes. But how about utilizing a fish aquarium in this manner? Is aquarium therapy good for one’s health? 

When it comes to pets, they not only give companionship by making us feel comfortable, accepted, and joyful, but they also function as an anchor or stabilizing force that helps one cope with the pressures of daily life. 

Their unconditional affection improves our mental and physical health, and as a result, there is much to be written about how people have reacted to pet therapy as an alternative or additional treatment to help decrease stress and treat a variety of medical and emotional disorders. 

Aquarium Therapy: The Top 6 Health Benefits 

Though cats and dogs are commonly thought of as typical pets, according to the 2019 National Pet Owners Survey, aquarium fish are kept as household pets in over 13 million American homes. This makes them the third most popular type of pet, trailing only dogs and cats. Having a home aquarium is a big responsibility, but it has its advantages.

Here are the top six benefits of owning a home aquarium: 

Aquarium Therapy - Zoomed in picture of a bright orange goldfish in an aquarium

1. Aquariums Reduce Stress 

Have you ever heard of “aquarium therapy”? It’s a stress-reducing therapy that uses visual stimuli provided by aquariums and fish. When fish tanks are installed in your home or any other public space, people may find it relaxing. 

In fact, researchers detailed how aquariums relieve stress in a paper published in Environment and Behavior. Even five minutes spent studying an aquarium can lead to fewer anxious tendencies. The brilliant colors and relaxing mood calm down the observer.

2. Aquariums Reduce Anxiety 

Aquarium therapy also trickles down into reducing anxiety. Aquariums have also been proven to relieve anxiety. In the same study, researchers discovered that people experience less anxiety while admiring an aquarium. 

Aquariums offer an opportunity for people to daydream or “get lost” in their surroundings. Losing yourself in an aquarium might help you forget about whatever is upsetting you. It sets you into a meditative state that allows you to re-evaluate your worrisome ideas. 

3. Aquariums Lower Blood Pressure and Heart Rate 

Well well well… Can you believe that in that very same study, they prove to show that spending time viewing an aquarium’s beauty of vibrant fish helps lower blood pressure and heart rate? 

According to the study, visiting an aquarium can lower your heart rate by up to 7% on average. Viewing an empty aquarium with only plants or rocks will reduce it by up to 3% over time. When exotic species are added to the aquarium, the average rises to 7%.

Aquarium Therapy - Picture of a small orange fish in a planted aquarium

4. Aquariums Improve Sleep Patterns 

Feeling relaxed already? Get comfortable because aquariums can also improve your sleep patterns. Imagine the soft bubbling sound and flowing water – creating white noise to mask loud sounds that stimulate your brain. 

Because of the reduced stress and anxiety levels, you will begin to see improved sleep patterns. The aquarium’s soothing atmosphere aids with relaxation. It subsequently becomes simpler to sleep at night. 

5. Aquariums Increase Productivity 

The benefits we’ve covered thus far create a domino effect. In conjunction with reduced stress, anxiety, heart rate, and blood pressure, you may experience an increase in your productivity. 

In addition, owning an aquarium provides you with daily work to complete. It may be caring for and feeding the fish, or it could be cleaning the tank. In any case, this daily job gets you started on the right track to accomplishing more during the day. Taking care of your aquarium and fish in this manner might snowball into more fruitful tasks.

6. Aquariums Provide Companionship 

People prefer to be in the company of other living things. The researchers found in the Environment and Behavior study that people find natural surroundings more restorative than urban or artificial ones. That is, people are hardwired to react positively to natural circumstances that “promote success and survival.”

You want something to look after and care for because you care about its existence and prosperity. Having a fish partner helps to fulfill that urge.

You may also utilize the fish as a sounding board for emotional or mental issues that are affecting you. Allowing yourself to converse with the fish provides an opportunity for you to convey your difficulties in a judgment-free environment.

Aquariums are also ideal for people who live in flats or alone. While not all complexes accept dogs or cats, the majority may allow fish. They’re a terrific way to keep oneself entertained. 

Before You Start Your Aquarium Journey 

Okay! Now that you know the top 6 health benefits of aquarium therapy, it’s time to start your journey into owning an aquarium. 

Start Your Aquarium Journey with 1-on-1 Coaching 

Having a home aquarium should offer you joy, not stress. With an appropriate setup and a regular maintenance routine, you may get all of the health benefits of your aquarium while reducing the burden of keeping your tank clean and healthy. 

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